About Us


Lisbon Management and Languages School (LMLS) is located in Almada, on the outskirts of the capital city of Portugal a member country of The European Union and Schengen States. A newly formed set up in 2017 to provide a blend of education from The United Kingdom to Portuguese students and the students of other countries alike. We aim to add more variety in our portfolio in 2022.

Our idea is to cater for those students who cannot afford very high costs of education in countries like The UK, but would like to receive qualifications from their universities and professional bodies. Why should one be deprived of high standards of education, only because it is too costly? This is not fair in our opinion and that is the very foundation and philosophy behind establishing LMLS. We are determined to provide high standard education to those who prove their eligibility to follow the course, in Portugal where cost of living is much cheaper than many other European Countries, the public infrastructure is of good standard and the weather is beautiful.

So how it works?

We provide a unique opportunity, which has not been introduced in Portugal before. We are offering professional qualification which is awarded by a very prestigious professional awarding body in the UK, high in demand and delivering state of the art skills to the learner.

Our model is classroom based learning under the supervision of experienced Portuguese Lecturers and support staff while the curriculum and professional certification will be awarded by OTHM* from the UK. At present we will be offering qualifications in the areas of Business Management and Tourism & Hospitality Management only, while IT qualification will be available from 2022. We are authorised to offer these qualifications under agreements with our educational partners and have a complete bona fide system in place. Please see relevant section on our website for our partners.

At the same time it is not a qualification to be taught online. It is an arrangement in which LMLS is licensed by our educational partners to teach their programmes at our facility, while they take on the responsibility of marking assessments and awarding the certification. We have all our defined roles to provide a great teaching-learning experience to our students.

We also offer SHORT COURSES in these areas which are a concise version of the main course. In short courses the focus is concentrated on main essence of a subject for those who already have a practical experience in the area. Please see relevant section for more details.

And all of the above is at a very low cost when compared to the fees and costs of living in the UK. After all, this is our target to provide this education to those who cannot really afford otherwise but have a great ambition and potential to aim and achieve high. We have defined zones worldwide and have adjusted our fees accordingly to bring student from developing countries on par with the European students.

We are always ready to help and assist as and when needed. Our promise is to provide help from the day a prospective student contacts us for the first time till after even their graduation to help them in finding the suitable employment or entrepreneurship ideas. Having the right qualification is just the halfway through and finding the right opportunity to a great career completes it, is what we believe.